August 2014 Posts

Transform your store into a physical website!

Technology in retail

All the evidence suggests that we as individuals enjoy and will continue to want the physical experience of shopping – 76% of customers in even developed countries say we prefer making purchases this way.  The ability to see, feel and try before buy is compelling. Even the tech-savvy younger consumer (and convenience driven) still craves for a physical shopping experience. For most of us shopping is also very much a family event. We enjoy visit to malls and like to spend time out there with the people we care. But at the same time, the customers have steadily getting hooked to best in-class consumer experience of the online world where the shopping is much more informed, transparent and personalized. The technology is helping online retailers to do the customer education on scale with the help of product content rich with images, videos, buying guides and wealth of information generated by massive crowd generated content aka customer reviews and discussions. The same customer when visits the physical outlet he feels underpowered and inferiorly tooled due to the absence of aids he / she enjoys in the online counter part of the store.

Comparison of MartJack and Magento eCommerce Platforms


MartJack vs Magento eCommerce platform

We have compared our services to that of Magento in the table below on the basis of difference in capabilities. You are the best judge to take a call after reading this!

3 Lessons to Learn from the Marks and Spencer’s eCommerce fiasco

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

The British retail giant, Marks and Spencer, experienced a dramatic reduction in the growth of its online sales from +20% to -8.1%. Just half of the 6 million users had re-registered on its new website. Additionally, owing to the lost user data, the user’s experience on the new website was not personalised yet, as in the old website.

Offline vs Marketplaces: brands choose sides in retail war

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Brand Offline vs Online

India’s $500 billion retail sector seems to be in cold sweat due to a much smaller section of online retail.  Despite accounting for less than 1% of the Indian retail market, eCommerce remains by far the fastest growing channel. “Showrooming” – a concept where buyers examine a product offline and ultimately buy online is becoming increasingly popular in the Indian context due to heavy discounts and attractive offers. Moreover, electronics unlike apparel can be bought without touching and feeling as quality is assured by the brand you are buying. Hence, this heavy weight segment has seen a 60% annual online growth in India, a lot of which can be credited to heavy discounts and slashed prices offered by online retailers. However, these are starting to hurt the lifeline of manufacturers – offline retailers.

eCommerce expectations: What women want from online shopping



Gone are the days when “Window shopping” referred to a kind of shopping done by a consumer who did not want to purchase goods, however browsed around a store only for killing time or marking it for later purchase. I’d prefer window shopping now to be understood as shopping done from windows, the Microsoft version.  Jokes apart, we are in an era where my maid asked my mom to order Dove soap online because that was not available in the local vendor and she is too lazy to go to hypermarkets. That is the amount of evolution online shopping in India has witnessed. As stereotyping goes that word shopping is mostly associated with women, when it boils down to online shopping, the same holds true.