November 2014 Posts

Boost your Facebook Page with 7 Big Ideas

banner-24You’ve got your Facebook page up and running and you’re regularly sharing content with your fans, however still not getting the response you were expecting? You have come to the right place! Fear not, we have 7 pointers to take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

MartJack Innovation eCommerce Case Study :Tablet based in-store sales

 eCommerce Case study of tablet based sales assistance and customer engagement in the white goods segment

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In the market of white goods, customers spend a great deal of time researching prior to purchase. This is mainly due to their high price and value in daily life. For example, while buying an appliance such as a refrigerator, a person is ought to do extensive advanced research online as well as offline regarding its specifications, prices, reviews, and comparisons. The fact that the white goods industry is a dynamic one, meaning technological innovations and new specifications progress every few months, does not help the cause. People want to get the best technology, keeping the future in mind, at the best price. Additionally, in a high value essential product such as this, the customer might not fully trust the sales person; as they may doubt the sales person’s intentions on persuading them to buy a particular model or manufacturer.