January 2015 Posts

Top 5 apps on MartJack to improve your sales!

top 5 apps on MartJackMartJack has various apps you can use to enhance your digital commerce business. Below are the top five apps we have on our platform. With these apps , you are sure to increase your revenue as well as productivity

FDI in eCommerce, India – A Complete Summary


The government of India is focusing on taking out rules and regulations for the fast growing eCommerce Industry in the country.  There has been a lot of debate regarding FDI investment in eCommerce. To solve the confusion, we have complied and explained the current eCommerce FDI laws in India based on FDI Circular 2014 – by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India

eCommerce Promotions High Sale Days Calendar for 2015


banner-43 (2)To make sure you reach your end customers, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to collect visitor information, be it offline or online. To plan your strategy for 2015, start your planning ahead of time. In India, every season comes with its own set of festivals and celebration never stops! Hence, every season can be looked at as potential for promotional campaigns. Have a look at your calendar first and map out the festivals and seasons you want to focus on. Once done, plan a strategy for how you could make the best of promotions during festive seasons.

Promotions to Turbo-charge your eCommerce Sales


Promotions on your eCommerce site let you make the best of your platform. They are central to business as they help you :-

Save Money While Marketing Your eCommerce Store


When you think about planning your marketing strategy, expenditure and budgets are probably the first thoughts that hit your mind. Big billboards or television ads are still given first preference for brand marketing. Despite being great marketing tools, these resources are exuberantly expensive. Organic marketing is the solution; which can yield more impactful results online than traditional advertising. Being creative in your marketing strategy is a lot more effective than paid marketing in long term. Unlike ephemeral paid ads, theses strategies discussed above will make an impression on your customer. Here are some killer ways to frugal marketing: –