February 2015 Posts

Grow your eCommerce Reach Through Multi-lingual eCommerce Site


Multi- lingual abilities have become a requirement for the global expanding businesses. To cater to the needs of different geographical regions, your site needs to present in the regional languages. With MartJack’s Multi-lingual application, you can meet the needs of the international audience, by having your site customisable to display in more than one language and currency. The languages currently available on the MartJack platform are Hindi, Arabic and Telugu, however, other language packs can be updated on the platform within a short period of time. Customers can choose a merchant opted language while browsing the website .

8 Stunning Fashion Websites on MartJack!

Fashion websites on MartJack

For an industry as dynamic as Fashion, you always need to be agile. Be it accessories or apparel; trends change every fortnight. Hence, similarly, your website promotions and design need to be change to reflect the current trends. Here are 8 ideal fashion websites on MartJack:-