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FDI in eCommerce, India – A Complete Summary


The government of India is focusing on taking out rules and regulations for the fast growing eCommerce Industry in the country.  There has been a lot of debate regarding FDI investment in eCommerce. To solve the confusion, we have complied and explained the current eCommerce FDI laws in India based on FDI Circular 2014 – by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India

Promotions to Turbo-charge your eCommerce Sales


Promotions on your eCommerce site let you make the best of your platform. They are central to business as they help you :-

7 Omni-channel Retail predictions for 2015


1. Categories

Internet is the new kirana shop

The grocery segment will pick up pace in the coming year. Buying groceries online is not a new concept and we already have websites such as Big basket, Godrej’s Nature’s Basket and SRS Grocery who have established themselves in this developing segment. However, these websites currently only serve Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgoan and Bengaluru, covering only a fragment of the country. With all big honchos of retail realizing the importance of Omni-channel retailing, the grocery segment in the country is soon to be crowded with options. All major players in physical grocery segment such as Future Group, Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Retail, and Godrej Group have big plans for ecommerce in the coming year.

The Conventional Buying Cycle is Relevant No More- Meet MartJack’s Diamond Consumer Model

MartJack's Diamond Consumer Model

MartJack’s Diamond Consumer Model

The traditional buying cycle ( Awareness- Interest- Research- Purchase) is taking a new shape. Given that the consumer often compresses stages at other times sometimes skips them altogether, the journey is fairly amorphous by nature. Eg: You might buy something instantly because your friend bought it as soon as you are aware of it. The internet of things has reduced the interest and research phase of the buying cycle from months to just a few minutes.

How awesome are we compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

how are we different compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

We have been getting many queries on how are we different from next shop bespoke developers who promises a great eCommerce dream. Many a times this dream is mirage. We advice you not to fall into the trap but evaluate in detail before you embrace any eCommerce solution.  

We believe in under promising and over delivering. Sometimes we brag about how our eCommerce Platform is awesome. Here are 9 convincing reasons why we are different from bespoke developer’s solution.