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eCommerce Promotions High Sale Days Calendar for 2015


banner-43 (2)To make sure you reach your end customers, you need to capitalize on every opportunity to collect visitor information, be it offline or online. To plan your strategy for 2015, start your planning ahead of time. In India, every season comes with its own set of festivals and celebration never stops! Hence, every season can be looked at as potential for promotional campaigns. Have a look at your calendar first and map out the festivals and seasons you want to focus on. Once done, plan a strategy for how you could make the best of promotions during festive seasons.

How Chandra Grew his Small Physical Store into a Successful eCommerce business


Few years ago, I met Chandra, a brick and motar retailer, who was skeptic, like many others, about the success of eCommerce in India. “Who would buy online” and “Why would they buy from my online store” were questions everyone had about eCommerce then. Despite his doubts, Chandra decided to venture into this new channel of sale. He had a static website and catalogue and made sure he was listed in all “yellow pages” directories on the net.

New Year eCommerce Resolutions 2015 to Improve your Business


The market is hotter than ever.

In the last 3 months alone, we have witnessed global investments upwards of $4 Billion for Indian eCommerce space. In Diwali Sales day (on the same line of black Friday), an Indian eCommerce giant has clocked $100 Million sales. The market is just opening up and the real growth is going to happen in next 3-5 years as the internet user base is going to grow upwards of 350 million by end of 2016.With the market growing at whirlwind pace, offline retailers are redrafting their strategies and putting together eCommerce as one of the key growth drivers. With the giants such as UnileverRelianceTATAMicrosoft and others planning to start eCommerce store in coming quarters and folks like Future Group partnering with Amazon, the market is embracing us with open arms!