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Transform your store into a physical website!

Technology in retail

All the evidence suggests that we as individuals enjoy and will continue to want the physical experience of shopping – 76% of customers in even developed countries say we prefer making purchases this way.  The ability to see, feel and try before buy is compelling. Even the tech-savvy younger consumer (and convenience driven) still craves for a physical shopping experience. For most of us shopping is also very much a family event. We enjoy visit to malls and like to spend time out there with the people we care. But at the same time, the customers have steadily getting hooked to best in-class consumer experience of the online world where the shopping is much more informed, transparent and personalized. The technology is helping online retailers to do the customer education on scale with the help of product content rich with images, videos, buying guides and wealth of information generated by massive crowd generated content aka customer reviews and discussions. The same customer when visits the physical outlet he feels underpowered and inferiorly tooled due to the absence of aids he / she enjoys in the online counter part of the store.

Are beacons the future to improve in-store experience?



Since the launch of Bluetooth LE based devices aka Beacons, the tiny low energy devices has generated lot of interest amongst the researchers, app developers and merchandisers. When installed in a physical space, the device broadcasts tiny radio signals to smart devices. Smartphones that are in range are able to ‘hear’ these signals and can communicate with the beacon to exchange data and information.