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Why Omni-Channel Retailing is the call of the hour


To understand the impact of new media, you may want to evaluate the time you spend on reading a newspaper, watching series of live news or soaps on your TV and getting entertained by the radio while you drive? Compare that to the time that you spend with your mobile phone/devices or surfing across the Internet. The dependency of today’s consumers on these two digital media is huge and is still growing.

Top 6 Considerations for eCommerce Platform Selection

Why is platform selection so important?


India’s eCommerce business experienced exponential growth of about 80% in 2013, and this magnitude of growth has continued. Explosion of online shopping in India has woken up retailers taking a lax look at eCommerce. With predictions of the eCommerce market shooting from the current $3 billion to $15 billion by 2016, it is high time to enter the online market.

How to Ride on the Selfie Wave to Promote Your Brand


Selfie- a word that didn’t exist a year ago has made its way into the common vocabulary. The selfie is undoubtedly one of the most popular social trends that has taken over the internet as well as made its way into daily life with apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. From Barack Obama to our very own Narendra Modi , everyone is  bitten by the selfie bug. Brands capitalizing on selfies for their promotion is not a new thought- anyone who watched the 2014 Oscars will know how it’s done (The Ellen selfie for Samsung)!  This phenomenon is so popular that it has an eponymous song and music video as well!

MartJack eCommerce Innovations: Buy Online Pick up in Store

City life is getting increasingly busy to which metros are seeing a drastic change in people’s lifestyle. Just a decade ago, supermarket chains were almost non-existent and most of the food and vegetable shopping was done from dedicated farmers market areas or vegetable ‘mandi’s/ bandi’s’, where lack of fixed prices meant that no transaction was complete without a little bit of bargaining.

10 Amazing eCommerce Websites on MartJack


Things that make amazing websites are:

  • Quality of product photography
  • Smooth navigation within the website
  • Great, interactive layout
  • Call-to-actions