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5 ways to up your customer loyalty with order fulfilment


It is the small things that really matter in any relationship; including the brand- customer relationship.  As eCommerce websites, it is our job to assure our customer experience even after the shipping lands on the hands on the customer. A little effort from your part before shipping can turn first time customers into your brand ambassadors. As Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Make your experience such that they don’t forget – here are five examples of ways you can woo your customers with order fulfilment.

How to make your online store stand out of the ordinary?

Give your website a competitive edge

Give your website a competitive edge

The customer has never ending choices today as eCommerce is encouraging transparency of markets and information. In this myriad of stores, it is essential to distinguish your site from others; catch the customers eye in such a way that it gets them talking about you. What are the things that will give your webstore an edge over your competitors?

Final Check points to Get You Ready for Holiday Sale Traffic

Optimize your payments and checkout page for the festive season


One of the major Indian festivals, Diwali, is fast approaching and all the e-retailers are gearing up to woo the 73.9 million Indian audiences, giving their final touches to their respective marketing strategies. According to a holiday shopping online sales forecast earlier this week, e-commerce sales are expected to rise between 8 and 11 percent this holiday shopping season., India’s leading cash back and coupons site conducted a survey as per which as high as 83% of respondents are planning to shop online this Diwali.

3 Lessons to Learn from the Marks and Spencer’s eCommerce fiasco

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

The British retail giant, Marks and Spencer, experienced a dramatic reduction in the growth of its online sales from +20% to -8.1%. Just half of the 6 million users had re-registered on its new website. Additionally, owing to the lost user data, the user’s experience on the new website was not personalised yet, as in the old website.

Offline vs Marketplaces: brands choose sides in retail war

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Brand Offline vs Online

India’s $500 billion retail sector seems to be in cold sweat due to a much smaller section of online retail.  Despite accounting for less than 1% of the Indian retail market, eCommerce remains by far the fastest growing channel. “Showrooming” – a concept where buyers examine a product offline and ultimately buy online is becoming increasingly popular in the Indian context due to heavy discounts and attractive offers. Moreover, electronics unlike apparel can be bought without touching and feeling as quality is assured by the brand you are buying. Hence, this heavy weight segment has seen a 60% annual online growth in India, a lot of which can be credited to heavy discounts and slashed prices offered by online retailers. However, these are starting to hurt the lifeline of manufacturers – offline retailers.