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How Content and Community Run the eCommerce Buying Cycle


Businesses need to become more consumer centric to retail their products today. Content is becoming the main driver for traffic on the net now. Informing and empowering consumers through insightful content leads them to shop more confidently from your eCommerce site. To see value in your brand, customers need to be rewarded with information relevant to them. Additionally, you need to make customers feel like a part of the brand.

2014 – How One Year Changed the Face of Indian eCommerce


2014 has been a landmark year for Indian retail. Though eCommerce accounts for less than 4% of Indian retail, this growing segment has brewed a hurricane in the market!  Let’s have a look at the major happenings of the year gone by:-

How Chandra Grew his Small Physical Store into a Successful eCommerce business


Few years ago, I met Chandra, a brick and motar retailer, who was skeptic, like many others, about the success of eCommerce in India. “Who would buy online” and “Why would they buy from my online store” were questions everyone had about eCommerce then. Despite his doubts, Chandra decided to venture into this new channel of sale. He had a static website and catalogue and made sure he was listed in all “yellow pages” directories on the net.

A Letter from the CEO: Thank You 2014, You Were Awesome!


What a year 2014 was from the eCommerce front! There has not been a more exciting time at MartJack!

With so many things happening our way, we can feel the butterflies in our stomach. From gaining industry leadership in Middle East region to releasing our own Omni-channel retailing handbook, a lot of action has been happening at MartJack. Here is the short sneak peak of what we did this year:-

Hassle-free Migration to MartJack in 8 Simple Steps !

Switching to MartJack made easybanner-38 (1)

When branded retailers want to migrate their current digital commerce platform and use us, we generally consult and suggest a strategy by studying their current solution. A correct migration strategy is very important as every business is different and it will have a very typical use case and workflow which is important for its current customer base. So it is critical to find the current data structure, traffic pattern and customer behaviour in the light of business model (or change of the business model which might be the reason of switch!) before zeroing on the migration strategy.