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How Content and Community Run the eCommerce Buying Cycle


Businesses need to become more consumer centric to retail their products today. Content is becoming the main driver for traffic on the net now. Informing and empowering consumers through insightful content leads them to shop more confidently from your eCommerce site. To see value in your brand, customers need to be rewarded with information relevant to them. Additionally, you need to make customers feel like a part of the brand.

2014 – How One Year Changed the Face of Indian eCommerce


2014 has been a landmark year for Indian retail. Though eCommerce accounts for less than 4% of Indian retail, this growing segment has brewed a hurricane in the market!  Let’s have a look at the major happenings of the year gone by:-

Top 6 Considerations for eCommerce Platform Selection

Why is platform selection so important?


India’s eCommerce business experienced exponential growth of about 80% in 2013, and this magnitude of growth has continued. Explosion of online shopping in India has woken up retailers taking a lax look at eCommerce. With predictions of the eCommerce market shooting from the current $3 billion to $15 billion by 2016, it is high time to enter the online market.

5 ways to up your customer loyalty with order fulfilment


It is the small things that really matter in any relationship; including the brand- customer relationship.  As eCommerce websites, it is our job to assure our customer experience even after the shipping lands on the hands on the customer. A little effort from your part before shipping can turn first time customers into your brand ambassadors. As Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Make your experience such that they don’t forget – here are five examples of ways you can woo your customers with order fulfilment.

How to make your online store stand out of the ordinary?

Give your website a competitive edge

Give your website a competitive edge

The customer has never ending choices today as eCommerce is encouraging transparency of markets and information. In this myriad of stores, it is essential to distinguish your site from others; catch the customers eye in such a way that it gets them talking about you. What are the things that will give your webstore an edge over your competitors?