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The Conventional Buying Cycle is Relevant No More- Meet MartJack’s Diamond Consumer Model

MartJack's Diamond Consumer Model

MartJack’s Diamond Consumer Model

The traditional buying cycle ( Awareness- Interest- Research- Purchase) is taking a new shape. Given that the consumer often compresses stages at other times sometimes skips them altogether, the journey is fairly amorphous by nature. Eg: You might buy something instantly because your friend bought it as soon as you are aware of it. The internet of things has reduced the interest and research phase of the buying cycle from months to just a few minutes.

What is the Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce?

Lets clear the air!

Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce

Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce

Lets start by defining the two big words.

Multi-channel retailing is the use of a variety of channels in a customer’s shopping experience, including research before a purchase. Such channels include: retail stores, online stores, marketplaces, mobile stores, social media stores, mobile app stores, telephone sales and any other method of transacting with a customer. Transacting includes browsing, buying, returning as well as pre and post sale service.

Benefits of Omni-channel retailing- why jump on the boat?

Why your brand should go Omni-channel like major retailers around the globe.
5 benefits of Omni-channel retail are herebanner-14


Omni-channel retail has been contagiously spreading through the retail world. There are two main drivers that are prompting brick and mortar retailers to adopt the approach:

“It’s Commerce Sense”for your business!

Omni-channel retail handbook

“It’s Commerce Sense”- MartJack’s Omni-channel retail handbook

The shift in consumer behaviour is influenced by the change in pace of retail development in the country. On top of development on the ground, Internet and Smartphone usage in the hands of every Indian is shifting the power of consumption to the customer. As customers are embracing digital with arms wide open, the shopping experience has become quite sophisticated. These digital savvy consumers are demanding anywhere-anytime shopping.