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2014 – How One Year Changed the Face of Indian eCommerce


2014 has been a landmark year for Indian retail. Though eCommerce accounts for less than 4% of Indian retail, this growing segment has brewed a hurricane in the market!  Let’s have a look at the major happenings of the year gone by:-

How to make your online store stand out of the ordinary?

Give your website a competitive edge

Give your website a competitive edge

The customer has never ending choices today as eCommerce is encouraging transparency of markets and information. In this myriad of stores, it is essential to distinguish your site from others; catch the customers eye in such a way that it gets them talking about you. What are the things that will give your webstore an edge over your competitors?

What is the Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce?

Lets clear the air!

Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce

Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel Commerce

Lets start by defining the two big words.

Multi-channel retailing is the use of a variety of channels in a customer’s shopping experience, including research before a purchase. Such channels include: retail stores, online stores, marketplaces, mobile stores, social media stores, mobile app stores, telephone sales and any other method of transacting with a customer. Transacting includes browsing, buying, returning as well as pre and post sale service.

Transform your store into a physical website!

Technology in retail

All the evidence suggests that we as individuals enjoy and will continue to want the physical experience of shopping – 76% of customers in even developed countries say we prefer making purchases this way.  The ability to see, feel and try before buy is compelling. Even the tech-savvy younger consumer (and convenience driven) still craves for a physical shopping experience. For most of us shopping is also very much a family event. We enjoy visit to malls and like to spend time out there with the people we care. But at the same time, the customers have steadily getting hooked to best in-class consumer experience of the online world where the shopping is much more informed, transparent and personalized. The technology is helping online retailers to do the customer education on scale with the help of product content rich with images, videos, buying guides and wealth of information generated by massive crowd generated content aka customer reviews and discussions. The same customer when visits the physical outlet he feels underpowered and inferiorly tooled due to the absence of aids he / she enjoys in the online counter part of the store.

3 Lessons to Learn from the Marks and Spencer’s eCommerce fiasco

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

Marks and Spencer eCommerce case study

The British retail giant, Marks and Spencer, experienced a dramatic reduction in the growth of its online sales from +20% to -8.1%. Just half of the 6 million users had re-registered on its new website. Additionally, owing to the lost user data, the user’s experience on the new website was not personalised yet, as in the old website.