How to make your online store stand out of the ordinary?

Give your website a competitive edge

Give your website a competitive edge

The customer has never ending choices today as eCommerce is encouraging transparency of markets and information. In this myriad of stores, it is essential to distinguish your site from others; catch the customers eye in such a way that it gets them talking about you. What are the things that will give your webstore an edge over your competitors?

1. User-friendly website

A great website is not just about how it looks, but how it works. However, many a times, this is not given the priority it deserves. If amazing looking website is not easy to navigate around, the user will not waste his/her time on it and switch to a competitor. Search functions, SEO and design of your site should all contribute towards the end goal of making search and navigation easier for customers. To do this, set goals and intentions for your user experience- map out consumer journeys and understand how customers think. The fewer clicks it takes a customer to make a purchase, the better.

2. Distinguished brand voice

Your brand voice encompasses the language and tone used for all your corporate communications; how your company expresses itself in its messages. It represents your brand identity across all platforms, from social media to advertisements to customer service emails. You need to have a consistent brand voice to differentiate your brand from your competitors as well as maintain your brand image. This personality aspect of your brand is something you need to develop to connect with your customers on a human level. To form your brand voice, start with simple questions such as “who is your target group”, or “what are the core values of your company?”, and move on to specifics such as “what qualities set you apart from your competitors” or “How do you want people to feel when they visit you”

3. Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Product review is the best way to market your products. People like to be assured of the product they are buying before purchase, particularly if they are buying online. Online and social reviews will definitely boost your buyer’s confidence while purchasing anything on your website. Hence, encourage reviews on your website by rewarding reviews e.g: through your loyalty program. Tools such as can help you increase the number of reviews on your website. Yotpo’s after purchase mail features can help you get more interaction and feedback on your store.

4. Engaged Customers

Customer Engagement is necessary to ensure that you are not losing them. The way to excel in the digital space is by becoming a good listener. Listening and fixing consumer quibbles is what will truly make your site stand out due to its ease of use. Customers like to know that you care. Introduce live chat within your website to affirm that you are dedicated to solving problems as soon as possible. Easier access to you will encourage customers to resolve the problem rather than shift websites.

5. Social channel of growth

Posting daily in your social media portal keeps you connected to your client and ensures consistent growth. This is one of the easiest ways to stay connected and get information out to your target and existing customers. People are eager to know what is happening will react to news relevant or interesting to them.

Minimum posting should be:

  • Once a day on Facebook
  • 4-6 times a day on Twitter


It is also important to contemplate the time of the day you are posting, as it should be a time when your most of your target group is active on social media to ensure more interaction. As it is difficult for 100% of your content to be original when you are starting off, you can post relevant third-party articles. Without wasting too much time on the net, you can find articles pertaining to your industry via online application such as Swayy. Swayy is an online application for finding high quality articles and news related to your industry. It allows you to schedule posts to your different social networks. Further, you can find ideas for improving your social media presence here.

Tip: Photos on Facebook generates over 50% more likes than the average post. Ensure that you even provide a link to the images posted so that it becomes easier for your audience to share the post.

6. Social Buttons on your website

Social buttons on your website and communications makes it easier for others to share your content, attracting more views to your pages. Social buttons should be placed to be easily viewable. Some of the options to place social buttons are:

  • Footer or header of your website and blog
  • In your newsletter, email signature
  • Within specific blog posts


7. Short and Sweet Content

Customers do not have the time to go through long posts. Ensure that you make short, crisp, engaging posts. For example, you  could be using Vines to post 6 second clips or create a mix of music which goes with your brand on SoundCloud rather than making a blog post. Experimenting with different types of content will help your social media portals stay fresh and engaging.