10 Amazing eCommerce Websites on MartJack


Things that make amazing websites are:

  • Quality of product photography
  • Smooth navigation within the website
  • Great, interactive layout
  • Call-to-actions

Here is a list of 10 beautiful, responsive websites on the MartJack platform for your inspiration(The websites are in no particular order). Stunning design elements, smooth navigation and excellent call-to-actions make these websites entirely exemplary. This mix contains eCommerce only as well as brick and mortar retailers’ eCommerce sites.Let’s examine what these websites are doing right: –


  • The consistency in product photography and design is maintained on this website. This differentiates them from their competitors in the field of imitation jewellery.
  • The call-to-actions on the two sides of the screen is one of the best features of this website. The neat tabs for offers, expert advice, track order and contact us make this site extremely user friendly and easy to use.
  • The expert advice tab makes sure that the customer has a point of contact to ask any questions that they have while shopping
  • The theme, colour scheme and banners of the website are constant throughout website.
  • Icons on the header give the site a unique look


  • The layout of the website is simple and uncluttered with gorgeous photography to give the website a minimalistic, modern look.
  • The pink and black theme with clean fonts work well for this brand. The call to actions are subtly placed below the header in three boxes neat boxes.
  • The home page is very visually stunning with gorgeous photographs and block image layout.
  • The clean layout of the site along with product photography on models makes sure the viewers undivided attention is on the products.


  • The website has a unique magazine style look and layout. The responsive design elements add to the look of the website.
  • With the blog, Instagram and style of the week section, the website is highly content driven.
  • The extensive product catalogue is well organized and presented. Search is made easy with multiple sections and categories to find exactly what you are looking for. Have a look at their “What’s New” page and its sub-categorization.
  • The lookbook section is a unique way to present different collections of the brand. The banners on the website are designed beautifully and portray the themes of different collections accurately.


  • Vibrant colours and interesting layout of the website reflects the brand personal perfectly.
  • The brand has maintained continuity in design with its online portal imbibing design and colour elements from its offline operations.
  • The portal plays the dual role of being a corporate and well as eCommerce website. The design suits both purposes of the brand well.


  • This text, video and image heavy site gives a rich look and feel to the website. Elegant pictures and call-to-actions in the same theme add to the allure of the website.
  • The design, theme and colours reflect the instore brand experience of this brick and mortar retailer perfectly.
  • This portal serves as a corporate as well as eCommerce website perfectly well.

White House

  • The full screen liquid slider with high quality images on the home page are eye catching
  • The white and black header with tall bold letters adds to the masculine theme of the brand.
  • The catalogue pages with minimalistic design keep the focus on products
  • High quality pictures and close up shots of products serve to assure customers of the quality. Product features, description, payment and shipping information are clearly mentioned on each product page. Notice that the product features and description are described in detail.

Art Cafe

  • The website layout is unique, user-friendly and aesthetical. The banners are bright and attractive.
  • The expert advice, celebrity recommends and recommendation tabs work well to instil customer trust in the brand.
  • The call-to -action buttons on this website is well placed and shows the brand’s keenness on providing excellent customer service. The call to action button on product pages for getting a call is a great as customers do not have to dig around to find more information about any particular product. The expert advice tab and the live chat/ leave a message option make sure the customer is virtually well attended during the shopping experience.


  • The stylized fonts and elegant photography give this website its decorous look and feel. The homepage layout makes good usage of the virtual real estate.
  • The orange colour used to subtly highlight buttons and text adds a hint of colour to the website


  • The arrow pointers with information make the website stand-out of the rest giving original scrapbook-like look. The information cues give a preview of what exactly they are likely to find under each category.
  • The website is informative and interactive with more than one image slider and product category/ collection descriptions.
  • The soft colours, delicate fonts and design give this website a feminine aura. This melange of design work well to promote these exclusive products.
  • The catalogue categorization and excellent search features make it easy for customers to get to products they are looking for quickly.


  • The clutter free layout with gorgeous photographs translates the brand image online with élan. The textured look on the header and classic font style sets a sleek, classy look.
  • Great search capabilities narrow down products based on colour and fabric as well. With wide filter options, category pages are easy to browse.

Which other MartJack websites do you love the design of? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Ketan Choudhari

    Is it possible to create HTML Sitemap for a website created on Martjack Platform. Need to know urgently…