8 Stunning Fashion Websites on MartJack!

Fashion websites on MartJack

For an industry as dynamic as Fashion, you always need to be agile. Be it accessories or apparel; trends change every fortnight. Hence, similarly, your website promotions and design need to be change to reflect the current trends. Here are 8 ideal fashion websites on MartJack:-

1. Clarks

  • Clarks, the world’s number one ‘everyday footwear’ brand has quite an impressive website.
  • Black and teal colours are used  throughout the website maintaining the offline brand experience
  • Their special section called ‘inspire me’ showcases different collections and innovations in a single place .
  • Multiple product pictures from all angles enhances the customer experience.
  • The filter tab is detailed making it easy for customers to find what they are exactly looking for.

2. Satva living

  • The site speaks for the brand. The bright banners, colours and unique fonts used in the website differentiate it from the others.
  • Banners on category pages are a great way to showcase new collections.


3. Aurnate


  • This is a one of a kind website giving customers access to an online designer boutique.Here one can customize their outfits online according to their specifications.
  • Garments can be customized with the help of a catalogue allowing customers to choose everything about their garment – from design, to buttons to the even the colour of thread used!
  • Customers choose their fabric first and then proceed to choose their style , cuts and measurements.


4. Ista women


  • The wide screen banners on the website are eye-catching and attractive.
  • The promotions page of the website is well structured making it easier for customers to search for offers in particular product ranges.


5. Rajrang


  • This is a niche website featuring ethnic products from Rajasthan. The theme of the website suits the brand perfectly.
  • The live chat pop-up on the site is helpful for any queries one might have. This gives customers immediate clarity and is a symbol of good customer service.
  • Unique design elements such as the discount tag icon and section headers give the website a unique look and feel.


6. Eristona


  • The website has a unique magazine style look and layout. The responsive design elements add to the look of the website.
  • With the blog, Instagram and style of the week section, the website is highly content driven.
  • The extensive product catalogue is well organized and presented. Search is made easy with multiple sections and categories to find exactly what you are looking for. Have a look at their “What’s New” page and its sub-categorization.
  • The lookbook section is a unique way to present different collections of the brand. The banners on the website are designed beautifully and portray the themes of different collections accurately.


7. Admyrin


  • The arrow pointers with information make the website stand-out giving an original scrapbook-like look.
  • The information cues give a preview of what exactly they are likely to find under each category.
  • The website is informative and interactive with more than one image slider and product category/ collection descriptions.
  • The soft colours, delicate fonts and design give this website a feminine aura. This melange of design work well to promote these exclusive products.
  • The catalogue categorization and excellent search features make it easy for customers to get to products they are looking for quickly.


8. Yuva by Neerus

  • This text, video and image heavy site , gives a rich look and feel to the website. Elegant pictures and call-to-actions in the same theme add to the allure of the website.
  • The design, theme and colours reflect the instore brand experience of this brick and mortar retailer perfectly.
  • The lookbook banner on the home page is a great way to give customers suggestions as to how their products can be styled.
  • The photography on the website is consistent, maintaining the brand look.


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