How awesome are we compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

how are we different compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

We have been getting many queries on how are we different from next shop bespoke developers who promises a great eCommerce dream. Many a times this dream is mirage. We advice you not to fall into the trap but evaluate in detail before you embrace any eCommerce solution.  

We believe in under promising and over delivering. Sometimes we brag about how our eCommerce Platform is awesome. Here are 9 convincing reasons why we are different from bespoke developer’s solution.

Control for business and technology users

MartJack control panel offers unparalleled freedom and control for business and technical users to make the best use of the platform without any support from MartJack.

The solution offered by bespoke developers is short sighted and it constrains the control for business and technical users. Any change required needs to go through the development cycle and involvement from the developers.

For Example: If an offer is planned, you can simply implement the offer using MartJack platform in 2 simple steps. If the same need to be done through bespoke online ecommerce solution, it will require additional cost and might require development effort.

Multichannel Retailing in a truest sense 

MartJack is built for offline retailers and hence Multichannel Retailing is in the DNA of MartJack. Our core focus is helping your customers enjoy a seamless Multichannel commerce experience across Web, Social, Mobile and In-store. The features and workflows are centred on retailers like yours. For Eg: MartJack has Buy Online, Pickup in store feature.

Typically, bespoke solutions are designed for pure play online commerce companies and it doesn’t have the desired workflows and features for retailers and brands.

Technology – Performance, Scalability and Security 

MartJack provides extreme performance for your online store leveraging cutting edge technology such as content distribution networks (CDN), modern caching systems and cloud (Windows Azure) based scalability with an uptime promise of 99.99%. More importantly our auto scaling capability will enable you to scalable infrastructure within 10 minutes. With ISO 27001 certification, MartJack maintains the highest levels of security for your online business.

Bespoke eCommerce solutions have scalability and security constraints and the same depends on multiple factors such as Cloud provider, architecture, configurations etc.  You will be victim of various risks, which might arise due to uncertainty and mis-planning.

New Feature development / bug fixes

MartJack is conceptualized, built and managed by a team of 75+ technology experts. With 7+ years of global eCommerce experience, we are in the forefront of rolling out new features and bug fixes almost on a weekly basis.  Moreover, the time to market for a feature / bug fix is done with great speed. The bug fixes are seamlessly updated as MartJack is a SaaS based platform.

Bespoke solutions are usually based on open source platforms such as Magento and bespoke developers will not have deeper understanding of the platform.  There is a huge risk factor because you will be completely dependent on the open source developers. Bug fixes might take months together considering the lifecycle of open source development and release. New features might require additional development / integration efforts or in some cases your requirements can’t be catered due to limited knowledge of bespoke developers.

Personalization and custom development

With complete control on the development and platform, we can offer deep personalization and custom development. As an outcome you will be able to own a complete ecommerce solution rather than a platform. MartJack is confident of delivering a personalized solution in desired timelines.

Solutions offered by bespoke developers have very limited options for personalization as the solution is usually based on open source platform whose development is done by open source community. For realizing the limited personalization options, the time to market will very high, stifling your ambitions.

Total Cost of Ownership

MartJack has immediate and long term business value when we consider a holistic view – no capital investments, less operational investments and efforts, improved time to market and agility, great control to stakeholders when compared to other players in the market.

Solution offered by bespoke developers lacks comprehensive ecommerce feature set.  Bespoke solution needs massive manpower and time investments and it lacks agility and control for business stakeholders. The time to market is very high due development and integration efforts. Thus making the overall Total Cost of Ownership of bespoke solution way higher than MartJack


With REST APIs, MartJack provides easy and seamless integration with existing business processes and third party systems such as accounting, inventory management, ERP systems and POS software. One can use MartJack APIs to build modules and apps that add features and functionality to the store. Moreover, MartJack team takes up the responsibility of end to end integration, which typically requires fraction of time compared to other platforms.

Bespoke online ecommerce solutions might not be integrated with third party modules such as ERP and POS. Even if the integration is possible, it demands significant efforts, investment and time. Moreover sometimes it poses risk as there might be a lack of APIs / extensibility for specific cases.



MartJack Provides Cloud (Windows Azure) based hosted solution. You don’t need to worry about the hassles of implementing, upgrading, maintaining, monitoring the infrastructure. MartJack provides world class SLAs such as uptime promise of 99.99%. MartJack is built entirely on the Windows Azure platform and it seamlessly works.

Bespoke solution requires an additional hosting vendor to be chosen. As the platform is not tightly coupled, it comes with its own cons – issue with time to market, managing IT infrastructure, coordinating between hosting vendor and developers.

Everything you need to succeed in eCommerce – Platform, customization, Training, Consulting and Services

At MartJack, we are in a mission to help retailers and brands and make them successful in digital commerce world. We don’t sell MartJack solution but fuel our customer’s digital commerce ambitions with daily webinars (customers can attend any session, any number of times without extra charges!), resources such as whitepapers, How to guides, industry trends etc. We also work deeply with customers to understand their specific needs, do market landscaping to understand consumer behavior and suggest expert advice. Also, we provide end to end eCommerce services, which are crafted to your brand.  In short, we over-deliver when we can, providing our subscribers with more than their money’s worth.

Bespoke solutions come with disconnected pieces of offering, which has limitations and constraints.

MartJack is confident that no player in market provides the blend of a great platform, tailor made customization, integrated eCommerce services and expert advice and knowledge dissemination.