How Content and Community Run the eCommerce Buying Cycle


Businesses need to become more consumer centric to retail their products today. Content is becoming the main driver for traffic on the net now. Informing and empowering consumers through insightful content leads them to shop more confidently from your eCommerce site. To see value in your brand, customers need to be rewarded with information relevant to them. Additionally, you need to make customers feel like a part of the brand.

Building brand loyalty is a long-term process.

Attracting traffic through organic clicks is the sustainable way to grow your eCommerce business. There are two ways to do this: –

Content: blog posts, videos, images- the media that individuals look at during their every day digital life

Community: Social media engagement, site communities, participation in events and conversation between customer and retailer.

In the online world, the whole buying cycle takes place online, and all components on the web need to be utilized to drive the customer to make a purchase.


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Social media comes in the awareness phase, where people are trying to figure out what they want to buy or when they are just getting introduced to the product. Consumers are highly influenced by their peers and often show interest in products their colleagues prefer. Additionally, they also inquire for recommendations and reviews. A lot of their decision making process is dependent on the popularity of the brand among their inner and extended circle of friends.

A brand should have consumer centric strategy for content marketing, to attract and engage their target consumers. For example, very often, consumers have a problem but do not know how to solve it. Describing the need your product fulfills, you can attract the customers searching for a solution. Once consumers are engaged, you have the opportunity to give a voice to your brand.

Interest (Consider)

To generate interest in your brand, you need to introduce your solution and compare it with the alternatives available. Having detailed product specifications will emphasis on your brand’s unique features; having tutorials on how to use your product will increase your authority in the field.  In this fashion, blogs will differentiate your products from others. Expert opinion on your blog will also positively contribute towards your brand image.


Reviews and customers engagement on your social media pages give your potential customers reassurance about your product. Leading towards the buying phase, time-bound offers and discounts persuade them to take the leap and purchase the product.


Once the product has been purchased, giving users the option to post on social media lets them show off about your products and makes them your product ambassadors. Loyalty is endured by creating a community around the brand. Letting a user register with your brand or subscribe to your newsletter encourages them to stay in constant touch with your brand. Producing interesting content related to your product will make sure that customers remain loyal. Focusing on returning customers is as important as focusing on acquiring new customers for any business. Reminding your customers about your brand regularly is a good practice to make your brand synonymous with your product; so to say “We are here!”


Content and community is used to drive the end goal – commerce. This solution extends the life time value of customers, both of which can be linked to the eCommerce store hosted on MartJack Enterprise.