eCommerce Casestudy: Walmart India’s B2B Brand Goes Online


Wal-Mart India is a is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s largest retailer’s, Walmart Stores Inc. Walmart India’s venture, Best Price Modern Wholesale stores, is a B2B grocery venture launched in 2012. The company owns and operates 20 Best Price Modern Wholesale stores in 9 States across India. The stores were opened with the mission of enabling small businesses to prosper.

Business requirement

Wal-Mart wanted to provide their customers, who mainly consisted of local kirana shop owners and small business owners, the convenience of shopping online. As their members and regular customers were already sure of Wal-mart’s quality, and had repeat orders quite often,  going online would help save their travel and in-store search time. Wal-Mart was looking for an eCommerce platform which was secure, scalable, reliable and provided an integrated set of applications for a convenient online shopping experience.


The eCommerce solution provided by MartJack includes the following features:-

  • Customers can shop from any particular store online- The inventory and product range of a store is automatically shown once the store is selected on-site.
  • The physical ERP system and eCommerce platform is integrated –  Hence,

–       -price updates

–       -inventory updates

–       registered member list

–       offers/ deals updates

Are all seamlessly updated online in real-time

  • Shipping price for orders is automatically calculated online-  by calculating variables such as distance from store, weight and volume of products purchased.
  • The store provides an ‘order online pick-up in store’ option – This cuts the time spent in-store, for people who don’t want to get their orders delivered
  • Exclusively for members, the store has utmost security- They have set in an online user activation flow for increasing their security. The store log-in is based on the membership id login and a one-time password authentication can be generated.
  • Store-wise order management systems are put into place- Different store operators can only see their own set of orders to avoid confusion and mismanagement
  • A customized reporting server is set up – to send out automated hourly  e-mail reports  to a specific set of staff members for monitoring orders and sales.
  • Special order section for exclusive products-  is present for products that are not only available online can be ordered for door delivery.
  • Call to order facility available- where customers’ orders can be processed through the eCommerce platform.