Grow your eCommerce Reach Through Multi-lingual eCommerce Site


Multi- lingual abilities have become a requirement for the global expanding businesses. To cater to the needs of different geographical regions, your site needs to present in the regional languages. With MartJack’s Multi-lingual application, you can meet the needs of the international audience, by having your site customisable to display in more than one language and currency. The languages currently available on the MartJack platform are Hindi, Arabic and Telugu, however, other language packs can be updated on the platform within a short period of time. Customers can choose a merchant opted language while browsing the website .

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Almost everything which user can see on storefront is language specific and can be displayed in user selected language. Merchants need to upload only language specific product data for required languages. This functionality will help you reach customers you would normally not have reached. Are a few MartJack sites that are using MartJack’s multi-lingual application are and .

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Multi- lingual is a great way to increase sales without increase in infrastructure or investment. With cross- borders retail increasing, here are a few reasons you should opt for a multi-lingual website:

  • To increase your international competitiveness. Having your websites in foreign languages will make it easier for the potential customers to browse your website and make a purchase. Having a multi-lingual website is one of the first step to introducing your brand and products in a new country or region. Additionally, it will also increase their trust on your brand and products.


  • Providing your customer with a website in their native language will make them comfortable in using your website and boost their customer experience. Moreover, customers who get used to your website will keep returning. With the spread of smartphones in India, people from rural and well as semi-rural areas have access to the internet today. A lot of this population will feel a lot more comfortable shopping for products in their native language rather than English. There is a gap in the market as there are only a selected few websites which are available in Indian regional languages.


  • Multi-lingual will mean higher conversion rates from people of the regional language. With 500 million people who speak in Hindi, Indian eCommerce is inching towards catering to rural and semi-rural areas. Serving this majority of the Indian population will truly make eCommerce ubiquitous.
  • Anshul Shrivastav

    In today’s competitive web space, not having a multilingual website implies you are ignoring the needs of a major part of the world population.Designing multilingual eCommerce website is the smartest way to enhance your customer reach and thus increase revenue.


    Indian E-commerce sector gets more business in last two years. you can purchase every essential needs just one click. & free home delivery option is safety for all customers

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    Having Multilingual Ecommerce websites are more beneficial for all types of e-commerce businesses. Really, this is very smart way to enhance the customer reach through Multilingual Ecommerce websites and generate the high revenue. I am very pleased to read this blog. Thanks so much for this great post!

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    Hello Supriya Lahoti,
    You did an excellent blog. adding multi language is a good idea make your Ecommerce store more user friendly by reaching most of the people even if they are not from you local region. Now a days many ecommerce service provider are built-in with multi language support.

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  • Avik Sarkar

    It’s an excellent idea..but don’t you think that maintaining a multilingual website entails a lot of work for the site owners – presumably owing to the fact that they are not fluent in every language?

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