Hassle-free Migration to MartJack in 8 Simple Steps !

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When branded retailers want to migrate their current digital commerce platform and use us, we generally consult and suggest a strategy by studying their current solution. A correct migration strategy is very important as every business is different and it will have a very typical use case and workflow which is important for its current customer base. So it is critical to find the current data structure, traffic pattern and customer behaviour in the light of business model (or change of the business model which might be the reason of switch!) before zeroing on the migration strategy.

We have special packages and discounts for Migrating customers. Please email us at migrate@martjack.com, Our migration experts will get in touch with you.Though the need of customization always exists in every migration, the typical migration process always involves certain steps which would anyway require to be done:

Simple 8 step Migration process


Sign-up for MartJack account

Sign up for a MartJack relevant version. On sign-up, we provide a development version of your store on sub domain. When you are ready to make the store live, the same development version can go live with a single click on your real domain. On sign-up, your store will be provisioned on one of our cloud nodes and an email with access details will be triggered to you automatically.


Prepare master data structure

If the store which you are migrating to the MartJack also expected to have similar user experience as of your current store, then the master data structure preparation is just a mundane activity wherein you can use our form based or bulk tools to create the structure mimicking your current store’s structure. But if the user experience like navigation, search filters and variant options are expected to be better or changed, then it’s important that the data structure is planned ahead as per the requirement. The master data structure generally consists entities like:

  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Variants
  • Customer groups
  • Shipping Rules
  • Checkout options


Import data

Once you have the master data structure created, simply export the data from your current store software in the supported spread-sheet format. Almost all the cart software support one kind of delimiter / separator formats like CSV or TSV. Next you import the sheet using the bulk upload interfaces available in MartJack control panel provisioned for you. The typical data which you will need to export and import is

  • Products
  • Customer
  • Orders


Choose / Migrate Design

As the data is now available in your MartJack account now, you can start designing the store customer experience. Here also its important to choose a design based on whether the customer experience or business model is planned when the store is launched on MartJack platform. Based on the requirement, choose a template or work with our partners to customize a template as per your need of customer experience.

Retain SEO ranking by HTTP Redirections

As your current store must have been indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, it’s important to have correct HTTP Redirection set for letting the search engines pass the page ranks correctly to the new store when its launched. For this you can use MartJack HTTP redirection module and set a matching url for each page of your current store to the page in new store. Once this is done, you can be sure of not having any impact on the SEO rankings

Migrate campaigns, tracking codes and landing pages

As the customers on your current store would be least bothered about the migration to a new platform, it’s important that you retain the campaigns and landing pages post migration too. Also you might be running ad and PPC campaigns through ad and affiliate networks to generate the traffic to your store. So it’s important to setup the tracking codes for these campaigns at the landing pages and order confirmation pages as per the requirement before you go live.

Test using internal and external close user group testing method

This is the most essential step and to be sure about the experience, we suggest you to send the development version of the website to your selected users who can provide the quick feedback about the experiences.

Transfer the domain

Once you are ready, you just have to point your domain cname records to point MartJack hosting cloud and go through the fully automated domain transfer procedure in MartJack control panel.

Once the process is done, your actual domain will start working through the MartJack platform!

Switching to MartJack made easy


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