MartJack Casestudy :Marrying Content with Commerce for Godrej

casestudy-godrej (1) Godrej Nature’s basket, a specialty food retail chain, wanted to reposition their online brand as well as change their brand marketing strategy by becoming more consumer centric. To do this Martjack enabled:-

A singular online brand identityCapture

Nature’s Basket had 3 online properties – a corporate information site, a food blog, and an eCommerce site. The three sites of the brand are seemingly independent to each other. MartJack embarked on building a singular brand portal, integrating the three for a seamless brand experience.

 Linking content to the eCommerce site

32 People love good, relevant content. Being a specialty food store, Nature Basket’s target group consists of food connoisseurs, health conscious people, amateur as well as experienced cooks. Keeping in line with that, content on their website includes exotic food recipes, healthy eating tips, food facts and a food blog. The blog and content present on Nature Basket’s website reinforces their authority and increases their perception within their sector. All content on the website is linked to the eCommerce store, so if a reader wants to buy items from an ingredients list, he/she can add ingredients to the shopping cart directly from the blog itself. This pushes sales of their products indirectly through the blog.

Systems to help build and attract a loyal customer base

sup Customers can comment and interact in all content pages, including recipes and food blog. The comments are well integrated with social media through plug-ins.The target customer interested in their blog also has the option to subscribe to their newsletter, which becomes a constant reminder of the brand in the customer’s everyday life.

Wrapping up…

People use the net for learning, research, leisure and engagement. Your blog should contain material to interest your potential customers in the context of your brand website and keep them coming again and again. The content needs to be consumer centric rather than sales centric. The brand value and loyal customers that you attract through your content will help organically increase your customer base. Content and community is used to drive the end goal – commerce. This solution extends the life time value of customers, both of which can be linked on the eCommerce store hosted on MartJack Enterprise.