MartJack eCommerce Innovations: Buy Online Pick up in Store

City life is getting increasingly busy to which metros are seeing a drastic change in people’s lifestyle. Just a decade ago, supermarket chains were almost non-existent and most of the food and vegetable shopping was done from dedicated farmers market areas or vegetable ‘mandi’s/ bandi’s’, where lack of fixed prices meant that no transaction was complete without a little bit of bargaining. Today, the landscape is completely metamorphosed with the working population even unable to find the time to go to organised retail stores to do their grocery shopping. Finding themselves in the crunch for time, many are now opting to shop online and pick up their grocery from their nearest store. This concept is already very popular in countries such as the US and UK, and now is gaining popularity in India as well. It gives customers the convenience of picking up grocery within the same day or as per their convenience directly from the store, while saving time searching for products and queuing within the store. This feat can be achieved via MartJack Enterprise’s multi- channel retail operation’s channel, where individual store inventory can be added and synchronised. When a customer chooses to pick up groceries from a particular branch online, the inventory shown is of the particular branch only, to avoid overselling. Once the order is placed, the store manager gets notified about the order and time of pick up. At store, the order is packed before the customer arrives. This concept maximises the sales from each individual store.


Ship from Store

Ship from store is an addition to this capability. Store based inventory has been a game changer in the retail market. It contributes to better use and reach of local branches.Orders online are shipped from the nearby store rather than the warehouse, massively saving on transport costs and logistics. Store area is used to its fullest potential and serves as a warehouse. A notification is sent to the courier company to pick up from store and deliver to the customer’s address. When the store manager has prepared the order, he can change the order status to ‘ready to collect’.

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