Save Money While Marketing Your eCommerce Store


When you think about planning your marketing strategy, expenditure and budgets are probably the first thoughts that hit your mind. Big billboards or television ads are still given first preference for brand marketing. Despite being great marketing tools, these resources are exuberantly expensive. Organic marketing is the solution; which can yield more impactful results online than traditional advertising. Being creative in your marketing strategy is a lot more effective than paid marketing in long term. Unlike ephemeral paid ads, theses strategies discussed above will make an impression on your customer. Here are some killer ways to frugal marketing: –

Think content

  • Create original and interesting content
  • Get your articles published in the media. Guest write for different publications
  • Experiment with your medium of content. Think about how you can utilise videos, pictures, comics, infographic etc to spread the word of your brand

Engage with everyone

  • Make your presence felt on social media
  • Keep a tab on online forums such as Quora and Yahoo answers
  • Sponsor local teams or events
  • Speak at retail events and seminars

Interact within your community

  • Maintain good Public Relations
  • Spread the word about your brand through reviews and testimonials
  • Promote your brand in-store

Stay in touch with your customers through email marketing

The list might seem overwhelming however, you are not expected to put everything to use at once. Mark Zuckerberg once said “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress”; and he could not be more right! Start with the things feasible at the moment and expand slowly, inculcating the ways of marketing relevant to your industry or brand. With time, you should get out of your comfort zone and get or creative and bold with your strategies.

Market your eCommerce site on a frugal budget