Top 5 apps on MartJack to improve your sales!

top 5 apps on MartJackMartJack has various apps you can use to enhance your digital commerce business. Below are the top five apps we have on our platform. With these apps , you are sure to increase your revenue as well as productivity


Create a mobile version of your website using Mobile Site App – an easy way to create and manage customized mobile store front using ‘Drag & Drop controls’. You can also access, edit or delete required pages of your Mobile store effortlessly. Get started today and have your mobile store built in minutes. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

Reward points app

Reward Points App allows you to increase customer loyalty and in turn sales by rewarding customers with redeemable points against a wide range of activities such as purchase, registration, review of products, inviting friends, and so on. You can customize and allocate loyalty points for customer steps you value! Customers would love to come back and shop more with you

Social Jack app

SocialJack provides you a simple and quick means to integrate your online store with Facebook and reach millions of Facebook users. You can create a Facebook Page to build closer relationship with your audience and customers through Facebook. While purchasing your products, Facebook users will be routed to your checkout page with the selected products in the cart.

Mail Chimp

ChimpJack is an official ‘App’ that allows you to integrate your Email database with ‘MailChimp’ and to create smarter and personalized email promotion campaigns. Automate end to end email marketing, manage email lists, track your email responses to optimize your ROI and generate more repeat customers.

Flash sales app

With this app, you can realize the potential of time bound deals and flash sales. The ticking time creates the “urgency” for the visitors. Display the discounts and savings prominently in search and listing pages through promotion blurbs at right places. Flash sales are the best means of building ‘Brand loyalty’ and liquidating inventory.

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