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Is Bigger still better? A study of the largest (and loneliest) mall in China  

banner-05 South China mall in Dongguan, sprawling over 7.1 million square feet of space, holds the record for being the largest mall in the world. The optimistic builders dreamed of giving customers the ultimate shopping experience, with over 1500 stores to browse from, numerous eateries and attractions inspired from different corners of the world, such as the Venetian canal or the 85ft Arc de Triomphe replica. The mall wanted to attract customers based on the sheer variety of brands they would offer. However, to the dismay of the developers, the strategy did not go as planned. The mall was about 98% empty for the first few years, which means it just had a few dozen stores occupied in a giant sea of emptiness.

The new retail opportunity is within your hands


Literally. Smart phones are increasingly becoming an essential part of the overall purchase process. Consumers are constantly searching and curating products and services they are interested in through their tablets and smart phones. Empowering retailers with information through mobile apps/sites has the potential to enhance and revolutionize the whole buying process.

How awesome are we compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

how are we different compared to bespoke eCommerce solutions?

We have been getting many queries on how are we different from next shop bespoke developers who promises a great eCommerce dream. Many a times this dream is mirage. We advice you not to fall into the trap but evaluate in detail before you embrace any eCommerce solution.  

We believe in under promising and over delivering. Sometimes we brag about how our eCommerce Platform is awesome. Here are 9 convincing reasons why we are different from bespoke developer’s solution.